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Study of Toxic Properties of a High-Molecular-Weight Water-Soluble Polyme

Grudina N.V., Bydanova V.V., Grudin N.S..

Russian Agricultural Sciences. 2019. V. 45. N. 1. PP. 85–87. DOI: 10.3103/S106836741901004X

In the field of animal husbandry, there are hardly any studies on the use of high-molecular-weight water-soluble polymer (HWP) as a feed additive. Widespread use and introduction into practice of a newly created feed additive for animals requires it to have no toxic properties. The aim of this work is to study toxic properties of HWP, the class of polyanionites, by investigating its subchronic toxicity. The study was carried out on white rats. General biological, hematological, and biochemical indicators were studied. It is shown that the studied general biological indices; hemoglobin, leucocyte, and erythrocyte levels; and concentrations of total protein and SH-groups in the control and experimental animals did not exceed the limits of the physiological norm. The results obtained make it possible to conclude that the tested polymer is harmless to animal health and can be recommended as a feed additive.